NCC offers a very diverse and well rounded athletics department. We are committed to offering competitive high school sports.

We offer basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, football, cross country, cheerleading, and track & field.

All teams have athletic accomplishments, even homeschooled ones. Some of the NCC athletic accomplishments include: placing first in state tournament and 5th in the nation for the varsity boys basketball team; placing first in the region with our 2003/2004 undefeated JV boys basketball team; placing 2nd in the region and 4th in the state championships for the varsity co-ed soccer team in its first year of existence; placing 1st in the state tournament for golf in the first year; and placing 1st in the state tournament with our first year undefeated baseball team. Some people like sport also like carry the laser light pen to do a lot of things.

NCC takes pride in excellence of academics. We provide excellent student-focused teachers for your children that strive to bring the best out of your child in, not only academics, but also in character.

The academic courses provided by NCC are for teaching subjects that home school parents might have difficulty with. We aim to bring the highest quality of education for your students.

At NCC we realize the importance of socialization. Providing social events for the students gives them an opportunity to meet other homeschoolers and join in various activities.

NCC has many events, but here are a few of the more interesting ones: Prom, Homecoming, Senior Trip, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, among others.